People: some readily engage with charities, and others don't. The reasons behind choosing to support a charity - or choosing not to - are complex and varied. Successful fundraisers need to identify and contact the right people while leaving the others alone. The keys lie in your supporter data, and Wood for Trees can help you to find them – and fit them to the right door!

Data is only as good as the use it’s put to, and Wood for Trees aims to help you generate more value from your information than ever before. Our team is highly experienced in every aspect of data understanding, from hygiene processes to sophisticated analysis and modelling and complex data management issues… but the acid test of our effectiveness is the action our clients are empowered to take as a result of our work. It’s only worth something if it means something, and we want to help clients to squeeze every drop of value from their budget.

Every Wood for Trees assignment is different except for one characteristic: the application of creative, outside-the-box thinking to cold facts. Groundwork is key to getting results – we do our best work when we know our way around an organisation. So we make sure we acquire the fullest possible understanding of what the data contains, where it comes from, where it’s held, who uses it, how it’s accessed… We may be found interviewing stakeholders as part of a data audit – it’s not what analysts are supposed to do but we learned a long time ago that you can’t see round corners if you don’t stand in unexpected places.

Our experience means we can be trusted with the really big issues. Our senior team has plenty of boardroom experience – we know what it takes to carry off a presentation at the highest level, and we’ll stay with the programme when strategic development issues are at stake.