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Report: the IoF Insight in Fundraising Conference, November 2018

Wood for Trees was once again delighted to attend the Annual Conference of the IOF…

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Two award-winning case studies from Wood for Trees

We’d like to draw your attention to two recently-posted one page case-studies based on award-winning…

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grial en una caverna

Single Supporter View: the marketer’s holy grail just got holier

The Holy Grail: drinking vessel of legend, giver of miraculous powers (eternal youth, infinite sustenance,…

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Business people concept.

GDPR and your database – WfT guest blogs for UKFundraising

Our very own Andrew Sargent has published his blog “GDPR and getting to grips with…

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Donor Index delivers machine learning analytics to charities – large or small

Wood for Trees parent company MyLife Digital has harnessed the power of machine learning and…

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Human technology

Catch up with our Machine Learning webinar here!

On June 5th we ran a special one-off webinar entitled ‘How Machines Can Help You…

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Help people find support help answer

How universities and charities should be changing – 3/3

So far in this series we’ve considered what charities and universities can learn from each…

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About Loyalty: breakthrough benchmarking metrics for charities

About Loyalty is more than just a one-off research project. It’s a first for the…

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GDPR: Getting Data Protection Right

‘The guardianship of a citizen’s data, information and the permissions attached to it is a…