Clean, dynamic, up to date and accurate single supporter data to power strategic analytics and marketing


Why develop a Single Supporter View?

  • Keeps all sources for a record updated individually – ensuring most accurate data for analysis and marketing
  • New supporters are checked against all current sources, including historical and cloud-based, to ensure they are not duplicated
  • Where duplicates are found a new optimised record is created on initial build. This master record may subsequently be updated by future incoming data sources.
  • Additional incoming data can populate existing match keys to facilitate advanced analysis
  • Allows users to ask more questions and get more accurate answers, more quickly
  • Keep on top of consents and stay on target for GDPR compliance

Wood for Trees builds robust and efficient master data warehouses – or single supporter views – that deliver all these benefits.

You may already have access to the data you need to generate powerful fundraising insights, target campaigns more effectively, identify your most responsive audiences… but if you can’t bring it all together into a cohesive whole, it’s almost impossible to realise its potential.

Wood for Trees has accumulated extensive experience in creating integrated systems and software tools to manage and maintain them.

Here’s how we go about building a Single Supporter View:

  1. In-depth collaboration with clients to establish needs – then build strategy to meet them
  2. Master server can read data from almost any data source/s
  3. Establishes a range of match keys for each data source; we start with a standard set of 12 and can add bespoke keys to meet specific client requirements
  4. Matches created within and across data sources
  5. Current and historical records assessed to create one current record per supporter – even recreating historical records where the originals have been deleted, to ensure comprehensive matching performance
  6. Master record created – in keeping with specification agreed with client at the outset

A carefully-built Single Supporter View can streamline all your marketing and analytical activities, with the ultimate benefit of focusing your overall fundraising performance, delivering improved ROI and performance against KPIs. Consents are managed effectively and avoid the possibility of conflicting records because all incoming sources are evaluated.

For more information on SSV – Single Supporter View: