Together We’re Better Conference 2017

The first Together We’re Better Conference in 2016 saw Google, BuzzFeed, the Guardian among others take to the stage in front of 120 digital leaders. The conversations covered emerging tech, disruption, membership models, innovation, start up thinking, content and more.

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The theme for 2017 is Designing Collaborative Change – a Systemic Shift

No one organisation can create a systemic shift in socio-economic structures. #TWBconf brings together cross-sector organisations to tackle global challenges.

J Cromack, MyLife Digital Practice CEO (Wood for Trees) will be speaking about the lack of trust and digital understanding between citizens and organisations:

Research shows that there’s not enough trust between citizens and organisations and definitely not enough digital understanding of what happens after a customer entrusts a business with their personal data. But GDPR presents us all with the opportunity to address that. The new legislation, takes effect in May 2018 and gives back control of personal data to the citizen. In this session J Cromack will share his passion and understanding of Citizen empowerment to deliver digital understanding and digital responsibility. Leading you to achieve best practice so both parties discover the meaning, value and power in data, and strengthen trust.

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