Next Best Action – what, why and how Wood for Trees can help you implement it

Every charity knows that its supporter base is full of individuals – and yet historically the only way of managing engagement with them has been to lump them together into unwieldy groups. What if you could treat your supporters more like the individuals they truly are: send them only the communications that will appeal directly to them, optimise the potential return and at the same time optimise your marketing costs?

Next Best Action has the potential to make this former pipe dream a reality. So what is it, how does it work – and what do charities have to be prepared for if they choose to follow the NBA strategy?

In this overview paper, Jon Kelly takes a closer look at NBA and outlinse the potential benefits for charities, alongside the provisos that must be borne in mind when imple,emting such a strategy. The results could be very rewarding, but it’s important not to underestimate the potential for disruption along the way!

Download the Next Best Action overview paper here.

Watch out for more on this subject: we’ll be posting a product sheet and a case study in the near future.

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