Data IQ Future 2017

The DataIQ Future Conference brings together forward-thinkers with their heads in the future but their feet in the present.

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Unlike hypothetically-focused events, DataIQ Future 2017 demonstrates what’s happening with data now – in real-time – and how the outcomes are already shaping our future.

These speakers aren’t theorising about futuristic landscapes or fear-mongering over robot takeovers. They aren’t gazing into the future. They’re influencing it. Working on real ideas, under development now, to add genuine business value in the future. Changing their organisations and society forever.

You’ll learn the applicable and pragmatic strategies which are increasing business value today, and discover invaluable insight into the key product and service developments which are transforming organisations through their ability to access, analyse and monetise data.

MyLife Digital, parent company of Wood for Trees, will be sending along two speakers to contribute, as below:

J Cromack    MyLife Digital Practice CEO (Wood for Trees)

Not enough love and digital understanding – Research reveals that there’s not enough trust between citizens and organisations and definitely not enough digital understanding of what happens after a customer entrusts a company with their personal data. But GDPR presents us all with the opportunity to address that. The new legislation, enforceable from 25th May 2018 gives back control of personal data to the citizen. In this session J Cromack will share his passion and understanding of Citizen empowerment to deliver digital understanding and digital responsibility. Leading you to achieve best practice so both parties discover the meaning, value and power in data, and strengthen trust.

Key learnings:

  • Get Data Protection Right! – whether it’s GDPR or the Data Protection Bill you must keep the citizen at the heart of this journey;
  • Drive engagement through opportunity – consented data is quality data, improve your customer engagement, make it meaningful;
  • Adopt a unified trust platform – managing citizen data across the organisation will require a single source of data truth.

Duncan Locke    Senior Performance Analyst, RFU and Director of Performance Solutions for MyLife Digital company Insight

Analysis in elite sport – the use of data to understand and improve performance: Duncan will share insights into how utilising performance data in the pursuit of tactical, technical and physical gains is now an inherent part of the coaching process. However, with data comes risks with regards to quantity, quality and relevance. Understanding your data sets’ pertinence to performance is critical to maximising it’s benefits in a seriously competitive and highly pressurised environment.

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