BHF segmentation – why it won the IoF’s ‘Most Powerful Insight Using Research’ Award

The British Heart Foundation is one of the UK’s most active and successful charity organisations. They run a vast range of fundraising products throughout the year, and it’s essential that each one is accurately targeted and works well. For BHF, here lay the problem: in a world in which audiences, markets and marketing techniques are changing rapidly, they felt they were losing clear focus on exactly who their supporters were.

They needed a new supporter segmentation to help build more accurate and efficient marketing programmes and to provide a current an up-to-date set of parameters that could inform the development of new products and audiences. Wood for Trees, with Critical Research and Roger Lawson Consulting, worked with BHF to develop this award-winning project that would shape BHF’s future fundraising strategy, not only for each fundraising product but across the board.

Click here to read the case study and find out why it won Most Powerful Insight Using Research at the 2018 IoF Insight in Fundraising Awards.

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