Achieving a truly effective Single Supporter View

Why is the SSV (or SCV if you prefer ‘customer’ to ‘supporter’) such a hot topic at the moment? For one thing, as GDPR comes galloping up on the rails, organisations have to be prepared to manage supporter permissions in a proactive, prompt and accurate way – or risk facing big fines from the ICO. An effectively-implemented SSV has the potential to massively simplify this headache. But it’s not just about compliance – it’s also about trust, and the value that organisations can generate from a consented and efficient supporter experience. The landscape is about to change for ever, and a well-executed Single Supporter View will help you navigate it with confidence.

Download Matthew Tamea’s overview paper, and take a closer look at what an SSV is, why it’s important and how to go about building a good one. It takes planning…

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