Account Executive

Key responsibilities:

  • Account management support in development and revenue growth;
  • Client stewardship and retention assistance;
  • Marketing support.

Summary of scope:

  • Responsible for assisting a small Account Management team across a large portfolio of clients.
  • Office-based support with complete view across accounts acting as main point of contact to key clients
  • Working in collaboration with Account Directors/Consultant Analysts/Solutions Director to identify areas for development and growth within account.
  • Data-processing manager – working closely with clients and solutions team on data cleaning and mailing file production.
  • Accurately forecasting future activity, client spend and reporting back on performance against budget. Responsible for driving projects through to completion both externally and internally, with assistance from Directors where required.
  • Update of the WfT forecast; ensure figures are up to date, any changes due to project delays are communicated and reforecast as necessary. Facilitating invoice creation and sign-off.
  • Ensuring all projects are scheduled with both the client and the company and that timescales are achievable and are met. Briefing internal departments and third party suppliers on client requirements and ensuring projects are delivered successfully.
  • Providing input and adding value to client strategy and briefing meetings. Guiding clients on approach and gaining an understanding of client strategy plans to ensure WfT is aligned to their future needs.
  • Attending meetings with clients and inputting to formulation of strategy reports following this.
  • Involvement in ensuring contracts are managed in accordance with company pricing policy and with due regard to achievable timescales.
  • Creating strong network of contacts within each client, across departments.
  • Ownership of pricing included within proposals provided to clients.
  • Pride in looking after each client.

Skills required:

  • Ability to multi-task, be proactive within a small team and adapt as the team and company grows in size!

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