Wood for Trees works with some of the UK’s best-known charities and not-for-profit organisations to improve fundraising efficiency and performance. We dissect their data resources and systems, transforming the way that supporter data informs strategy and development.

We’ve built a reputation (and won awards) for providing valuable insight, strategic recommendations and pragmatic advice. Our solutions can add pure value to the bottom line, as demonstrated in our Parkinson's UK case study, generate operational efficiencies through streamlined systems – see our Faststats solutions – or inform high-level strategic development.

This is our new website. We’ve already posted some of our most recent thoughts and insights in the blog and there are plenty more on the way, so sign up for our newsletter to make sure you keep up to date with the latest from Wood for Trees. And if you want to discuss something specific with us, hit the contact button below or call us on 01225 861900. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Specialists in advanced analytics for the not-for-profit sector

Wood for Trees is an independent marketing services provider established in 2007, based in Bradford upon Avon, Wiltshire. We provide an intelligent and proactive approach to data understanding, placing the focus firmly on insights and what can be done with them. Our project-appropriate approaches include data processing and hygiene, data analysis, strategic reporting and consulting, building marketing databases and database analysis software (both as a bureau and enterprise offering).

Wood for Trees’ reputation has been built on the provision of a truly independent service that is both highly valued and good value. We focus on data, its potential and the knowledge can be gained from it. And as well as building on our successful track record with charities, we're now applying our expertise more widely.

Why work with Us?

We're successful: we've grown several times over in terms of turnover and staffing since launch. We build lasting and beneficial client relationships, and by far the great majority are with us still.

The recent investment by PIMS (Personal Information Management Systems) specialist MyLife Digital provides Wood for Trees with a fresh opportunity to to develop and grow the bespoke outside-the-box insights that have characterised our work to date.

Collaborative approach
Collaborative approach

Everything we do, we do it with you... because it's better that way.

Software designed to be used
Software designed to be used

Tools and dashboards made specifically to shine new light on charity fundraising and guide new strategies.

a personal trainer for your data
a personal trainer for your data

Health checks and comprehensive servicing to get your data working as well as it can for you.