Insight and Consultancy

Better data promotes clearer strategic thinking

Big planning decisions become easier to make when you can rely on what your data is telling you, not just about what happened last week, last month, last year, but what will happen next year, or even ten years ahead. A coherent approach to data understanding can reveal patterns that may have always been there, but which were previously obscured by the surrounding noise.

And in amongst the racket we aim to uncover the answers to some of the questions that our clients bring to us, such as:

• Who are my supporters? Help me to get a clear picture of what they’re doing!
• How can I improve our campaign performance?
• Can I use existing data to get more accurate and better-informed business forecasts?
• What’s the best way to test scenarios to determine future strategy, and fine-tune and optimise business goals?
• Can you help me to understand more about issues such as attrition?
• How can I use existing data to identify new areas for development?
• I need to get more value out of my existing data – help!

Solving your problems

As well as answering questions, we also provide specific solutions. Where a client needs help with campaign selections, we can help. Need to form a single streamlined database from multiple sources? We build databases. Need to give your teams improved access to your data on desktops? We can develop that for you. If it's right for you, we can deliver improved and more intuitive segmentation, providing a clearer understanding of the makeup of a supporter base.

• Improved marketing insights based on better data, including:

- More enlightened strategic planning based on the outcomes of predictive modelling
- Trends and relationships defined and measured
- Accurate prediction and forecast modelling, including client-controllable ‘what-if’ tools
- Econometric modelling, market view analysis

If you’re at a fork in the road regarding data development, or feel that your organisation would benefit from external data expertise in any respect, at any stage, take a look at what we can do (and have done – see our case studies section) – and then get in touch.