Foundation Audit

A Wood for Trees Foundation Audit is a programme that assesses exactly what data resources an organisation has, what they are currently doing with them, and to demonstrate the potential for development – in other words, what they might do with their data and where it could take them. It's a way of establishing the 'state of the nation', and is the starting point for an increasing number of our client relationships.

One of the first things we do as part of this process is to conduct a series of interviews with key data stakeholders within the organisation. This gives us a unique insight into the various logjams and bottlenecks that may be hindering the smooth flow of data and resources, and enables us to open up a dialogue about the most appropriate and valuable routes forward.

In parallel, we work on producing straightforward data facts. After uncorking the bottlenecks and clearing the logjams, the data resource will be in better shape to provide quick and valuable insights, so that’s what we do. Among the options will be:

• Retention trends over time

• Channel and source code performance

• A review of response rates and ROI to key recruitment and warm campaigns over recent years

• Geodemographics

• Segmentations (both based on existing work and recommended)

Download our Foundation Audit datasheet

Download our Foundation Audit Overview paper