Our goal is to mine a client’s database, revealing previously hidden insights. To do this effectively we have to become intimate with the data, its sources, flows, users, etc. Often, we have to use a little first aid to ensure that the database is in good condition for analysis.

The truth is that many databases are simply not equipped to deliver the kind of insights that their organisations need from them. We can do amazing things with databases if we have certainty about the quality of the data (including the correct permissions for using it) – and sometimes the only way to achieve this is to build a database from scratch. It’s a big job, but the benefits can be profound:

• One database for all purposes: marketing, fundraising, strategy…

• Incoming data streams optimised to prevent duplication and post processing

• Desktop access, rapid and accurate reporting, trustworthy analysis to drive strategic planning

• Seamless integration and cross-referencing with associated marketing resources such as TGI

We have extensive and experience of all types of databases commonly found in the not-for profit sector and elsewhere.

Where there’s a need to broaden the scope of a database beyond the existing resources of an organisation and its supporters, we are able to turn to a tried, tested and trusted roster of list brokers who will source additional lists as cost-effectively as possible.

Download our Database Build datasheet