Data Mechanics

Clean, precise data is a prerequisite for good analysis and the decisions that follow. It sounds obvious, but it’s not always so easy to achieve. The pitfalls are many – and Wood for Trees can help you to avoid them all. We’ve developed our own custom processes to achieve this. In some cases we’ve adapted existing approaches and learning so that they are better suited to our purpose; in others, we’ve built our own tools from the ground up, simply because nothing exists in the marketplace to do what we want to do.

There are a number of strategies we can pursue to polish your records and data:

• Data hygiene: we parse your records so that common data such as names and addresses are accurately recorded and stored, enforcing rationalisation and standardisation that can deliver a significant improvement in the accuracy of your analysis

• Supporter or customer view: we can build effective extended databases from multiple silos within your organisation, enabling you to build detailed profiles of your supporters and to develop new and revealing insights over a range of products and services

• Data enhancement: we can increase the scope of data, perhaps through adding new fields from separate sources, or by using existing data to create data marts that are focused and optimised for client-specified purposes. Find out more here.

• Self-cleaning databases: we can establish systems that correct and format data as it is imported into your database, from any internal or external data feed. What’s more, if a data feed record could potentially match more than one database record, you have control over which it should be matched to. This way you know your new records are already optimised, saving you valuable time and resources later. Find out more here.

Our team has accumulated years of invaluable experience conducting projects to improve the condition and performance of existing data resources, for clients of all sizes. We work at the leading edge of development, but we can also call on tried and tested methods when that’s the most appropriate response. Our approach delivers repeatable and auditable processes that allow fast and accurate tracking when necessary.

Our skills and experience, the way we work with clients and the results we get all add up to a unique package that, we believe, sets us apart from the competition.

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