Data Consent Audit

Data Consent Audit – rethinking supporter data

It’s never been more crucial to understand your current consent position. In May 2018, the newly passed EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will change the relationship between charities and supporters in the use of their personal data. Yet 69% of senior marketers do not know the level of consent achieved by their current permission statement. Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner has said:

“This is a time of change for information rights, but it is an exciting time. The new General Data Protection Regulation brings an opportunity to look at how we all do things afresh, and the ICO will be at the forefront of that.”

A Data Consent Audit means you can explore the potential organisational impact of consent through various scenarios – removing any deeply lapsed supporters from the database and ensuring your systems are capable of holding future consents.

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Consent Audit – understand what data you hold

We help you understand what information you hold and who you share it with. By running an initial consent audit we can establish the FIVE W’s of data consent collection:

  • What data has been collected?
  • Why is the data being collected and its purpose?
  • Who is using the data?
  • When was the permission granted (date)?
  • Where was the permission granted (source)?
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Income Analysis

Consider the impact on volume and income:
If GDPR were to come into play tomorrow, with your current consents, what would happen to your supporter income?

Taking the Consent Audit findings, we guide you through the impact of consent across the whole of your
organisation. Through data modelling we construct a number of scenarios of income projections, given different levels of consent, to:

  • Assess income risk across a number of segments including donation type, product (e.g. regular giving and cash), and channel of communication.
  • Deliver scenario planning on incremental attainment of correct consent vs. income.
  • Consider the impact of consent on attrition rates across supporter types - showing the likely impact across the active supporter base.
  • Provide the likely impact on cost per acquisition to recruit the same level of supporters pre-GDPR vs post-GDPR.

Supporter Priority – prioritise your most valuable supporters, now and into the future

We help you get the most value from your existing supporter database – who you should target and how. Using our Value & Influence scoring system we can determine who should be approached first, and by what channel, to obtain the consent of the most important supporters first. This includes:

  • Establishing a value model
  • Building an influence model

Alongside our Consentric Permissions consent management platform, these Data Consent Audit services form part of the Wood for Trees / MyLife Digital GDPR solution package. For more information on Consentric Permissions and Data Consent Audits, contact Emma Corbett:

Who is MyLife Digital?

MyLife Digital Group provides secure consent management solutions for supporters and organisations through its Consentric Permissions platform. We collaborate with some of the world’s best-known charities and not for profit organisations to enable supporters and customers to manage their data sharing preferences. Wood for Trees, part of the MyLife Digital Group, works with over 60 charities to provide data consultancy, analytics, database solutions and business intelligence systems.