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Data regulations are driving change – Consentric Permissions gives you the initiative

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires all organisations – including charities – to be compliant by 25th May 2018. The legislation will apply retrospectively as well as to data gathered in the future. As the Information Commissioner's Office has already said:

"Implementation of the GDPR will require a review of consent mechanisms to ensure they meet the standards required under the legislation. If you cannot reach this high standard of consent then you must find an alternative legal basis or cease or not start the processing in question."

Preparing now will save time and cut costs in the long run. Consentric Permissions provides the robust platform you need for an effective and lasting solution, helping you to rebuild trust with supporters and demonstrate compliance with the new, tough GDPR.

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Consentric Permissions: a single source of truth for consent

Permissions is a cloud-based offering which integrates with existing systems to capture, store and update individual supporter data consents. Permissions is based on the 5W framework which captures what (data), who (has access), why (the purpose), where (channel) and when (timestamp) information.

Consentric Permissions helps solve a number of challenges:

  • Concerns over the upcoming data protection legislation changes for use of EU individuals’ data. Permissions will help manage your consented data for the purposes used.
  • Negative media coverage has created distrust in supporters’ minds about what their data is being used for.
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Permissions will ensure active engagement and increased trust through transparency of consent and data usage. You may have numerous complex systems and, or, use third party agencies to process consented data. Permissions will integrate to your solutions and services to provide a single source of truth for consent.

  • Supporters can directly view and amend their own consent.
  • Organisational agents can view and amend consents on behalf of supporters.
  • Consent capture can be customised to suit your organisation.
  • Organisations can simply upload their supporter records with applicable initial consents.
  • Apply expiry periods to granted consent and notify when consent needs to be refreshed.
  • Consent status will be auditable and linked to the relevant policy applicable at timestamp.

"This new technology give us the transparency required by the legislators and regulators and lets us increase the trust of our supporters, strengthening our relationships."

Marketing Director, major UK charity.

Alongside our Data Consent Audit service, Consentric Permissions forms part of the Wood for Trees / MyLife Digital GDPR solution package.
For more information on Consentric Permissions and Data Consent Audits, contact Emma Corbett:

Who is MyLife Digital?

MyLife Digital Group provides secure consent management solutions for supporters and organisations through its Consentric Permissions platform. We collaborate with some of the world’s best-known charities and not for profit organisations to enable supporters and customers to manage their data sharing preferences. Wood for Trees, part of the MyLife Digital Group, works with over 60 charities to provide data consultancy, analytics, database solutions and business intelligence systems.