A few of the nice things our clients have had to say about us:


“…In short, FastStats is a brilliant tool which is intuitive and has been transformative in the way we work. Wood for Trees are an excellent supplier who were incredibly supportive during the implementation and user acceptance testing phases and continue to be so as we get more confident with the tool.”


“Wood for Trees integrated themselves [with this charity] to the extent that they feel part of the wider fundraising team. We use a number of different agencies… but none of them are as valuable to us as Wood for Trees.”


“Wood for Trees’ approach to analysis is methodical but never routine – they think differently, which improves the outcomes for us and refreshes our strategic planning. From FastStats to bespoke data modelling, I don’t think we’d be where we are now without their input.”


“The [RGA] tool … allows me to track and monitor no-show and attrition rates across all campaigns. This gives me an insight into which streams have the best retention rates and their best cost per acquisition in the long term, and is consequently a great help for budgeting and forming strategy.”


“Not only are they easy to work with and very personal, they have provided fantastic insight into our database and more recently are working with us to help improve our data segmentation and targeting. Their knowledge, experience, expertise and honest approach have added real value.”