Wood for Trees to speak on data validation

May 16, 2018 News

The Institute of Fundraising Technology Group Conference takes place on 8th June, and Wood for Trees will be sharing some of our expertise, alongside client BHF.

The issue of duplicate management for charities is not new, but GDPR brings it into very sharp focus. With proliferating channels of incoming data all feeding into supporter databases, it becomes vital that new data does not introduce anomalies or duplicates with conflicting attributes.

In this session we’ll be demonstating how rigorous validation of all incoming data streams against the required fields and against the records already held must be the starting point for an accurate supporter database. A properly-configured incoming data management solution handles feeds from all kinds of sources without recourse to laborious and error-prone cross-checking. A good system will simplify processes, save time and ensure that strict standards of accountability are set and maintained. And just such a system is provided by our Blender data integration software – successfully installed and working for a number of the UK’s most prominent charities.

Outside the data validation session, we’ll also be speaking at lunchtime on the day about our Consentric platform and how it now benefits from a direct connection to Salesforce CRMs.

Wood for Trees is also sponsoring the conference. See the full programme and how to register here, and read what UK Fundraising has to say about the event here.