Giving Citizens their Personal Data Rights Back – A ‘Together We’re Better’ blog from J Cromack

November 6, 2017 News & Opinion, Opinion

On the 19th October, I presented “Not enough Love and Digital Understanding” at the Together We’re Better conference at Bounce, Farringdon. It was a great event and MyLife Digital were glad to be a part of it. The panel discussions were illuminating too.

One of the questions asked was “What are the key attributes of winning your customers trust?”

By putting your customers at the heart of your GDPR strategy. By focusing on what is really important you will discover that without having to try too hard you will meet the legislative requirements on the processing of personal data. As we have been saying for years – before GDPR was the phrase on the tip of everybody’s tongue – the need is to Get Data Protection Right!

It seems of late that there are a lot of GDPR experts coming out of the woodwork, all seemingly with the answer. But there is no silver bullet for GDPR compliance, no quick fix, no magic wand.

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