About Loyalty: breakthrough benchmarking metrics for charities

May 3, 2016 News & Opinion

About Loyalty is more than just a one-off research project. It’s a first for the charity sector in measuring ‘attitudinal loyalty’ (the way a donor feels loyalty towards a charity) rather than just ‘behavioural loyalty’ and financial KPI’s.

A joint venture between Wood for Trees and Roger Lawson Consulting, About Loyalty has loyalty at its heart. The insights from this research will have major ramifications for the ways fundraisers develop their communications strategies – and can be sampled now on Wood for Trees’ website.

About Loyalty didn’t want to just talk about the theory of ‘loyalty’, preferring to demonstrate donor loyalty with hard wired evidence based on real donor data. Put simply, About Loyalty has set itself apart by:

  1. Establishing a charity sector benchmark for loyalty (a first for the sector)
  2. Proving there were key loyalty drivers of charitable loyalty and identifying the three key ones: Commitment, Satisfaction and Trust
  3. Demonstrating, through analytics based on a fusion of quantitative and qualitative data, that loyalty drives donor retention and revenue
  4. Enabling fundraisers to see the impact of loyalty against specific segments in the data – where the opportunities and risks lie

The survey research element of the project yielded more than 22,000 responses sharing giving history – as a result the insights from the model are extremely robust and statistically significant.

The first wave of findings is now available to view and download on our website.

Contact Phil White at getphil@woodfortrees.net or Roger Lawson at roger@about-loyalty.com to find out more.