WfT | FastStats wins

December 1, 2015 News

Wood for Trees is delighted to announce that both Cats Protection and CLIC Sargent, the leading UK cancer charity for children and young people, have joined the 20 distinguished organsiations to have chosen to partner with us as we collaborate to develop their FastStats solutions.

CLIC Sargent’s individual giving fundraising activity has in recent years become more wide-ranging, with direct mail, telemarketing, text and email channels each using a variety of content types. These all call for effective analysis and reporting systems to direct and execute fundraising activity to maximum advantage.

CLIC Sargent identified FastStats as a possible route to a solution and a key way in which to help fuel fundraising growth. This pioneering data exploration and visualisation data tool has been successfully implemented by many leading charities and Wood for Trees is an experienced Apteco partner with a long and successful track record of building effective FastStats systems in the charity sector. CLIC Sargent’s investment takes them on to the next level in terms of campaign activity and increased income, and having already worked with Wood for Trees on data hygiene projects it was an easy decision to decide to collaborate.

Emma Corbett, Solutions Manager at Wood for Trees, said

“FastStats has the potential to drive a real step-change for CLIC Sargent in terms of their internal data management, analysis and insight capabilities. They know what they need it to do and we’re really pleased they’ve chosen to partner with Wood for Trees to help them build and optimise their system. We’ll be there to help them to acquire the skills needed to get the very best out of this powerful and multi-faceted suite of data tools.”

Read Apteco’s press release on CLIC Sargent here

Cats Protection was seeking to locate high-quality marketing analysis software directly on up to 12 fundraisers’ desktops. It required this resource to be easy and quick to use and flexible in scope. Furthermore the solution needed to be fully integrated with CARE and other in-house databases.

As with CLIC Sargent, Wood for Trees has recently worked on other data and analysis projects with Cats Protection, so we are particularly pleased to extend our relationship with the charity through FastStats. Our approach focuses both on the technical installation, building the most appropriate and effective links with CP’s CARE database, and on training and mentoring, to ensure that the charity achieves the maximum possible benefit from their investment.

By selecting Wood for Trees as their FastStats partner, Cats Protection is ensuring that they augment Apteco’s excellent software with the additional benefits of solutions built to address their specific needs, along with training to maximise the long-term value they derive from FastStats.

Emma Corbett, Solutions Manager at Wood for Trees, said

“FastStats is exactly what Cats Protection were looking for, and because each solution is massively configurable, that’s just the start of it. Our job is to make sure that FastStats fulfils – or exceeds – the brief that CP has set for it, both in development and in action.”

Read Apteco’s press release on Cats Protection here