Wood for Trees joins forces with MyLife Digital

September 15, 2015 News

Wood for Trees is delighted to announce a major investment in the company by MyLife Digital Limited. Since we launched in 2007, Wood for Trees has carved itself a niche within the not-for-profit sector as a respected provider of data expertise and insight. Indeed our growth, which has been helped by our clients’ fantastic support and referrals, has now reached a point where future growth would be difficult to service with the resources that we’ve built up from scratch.

The arrival of MyLife Digital means that we can continue to provide and develop the bespoke and outside-the-box input that clients have come to expect from us, but at the same time it allows us the headroom to properly develop some of the ideas and insights that we have so far had to side-line for lack of time and resource.

For our existing clients, we can assure you that you that as far as our day-to-day business relationship is concerned, nothing will change. Long-standing Wood for Trees directors Jon Kelly and Matthew Tamea will both continue to play key roles within the core management team – as will Founder Jim Baggett. Jason (‘J’) Cromack from MyLife Digital will take on the Chief Executive role.

We’re obviously excited about the opportunities presented by this collaboration with MyLife Digital, but it’s also significant that we’ve joined forces with a company that recognises the great culture and brilliant people we already have here at Wood for Trees.

You can read our press release and find out more about MyLife Digital here.